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Welcome to Neiman's Kosher Food Distributors. We are independent distributors and marketers of various  standard and specialty kosher food products. Our primary service area includes the Orthodox Jewish upstate NY communities of Rockland and Orange counties. Our secondary areas includes parts of New York City and New Jersey.

The products we carry come from international importers to small mom-and-pop food producers. From baking goods to healthy snacks, Neiman's Distributors puts first class kosher food staples onto grocery shelves and into your home.
    Consumers spent approximately $165 billion for kosher products in 2003, according to data compiled by Integrated Marketing Communications. In comparison, they spent $250 million on kosher products 25 years earlier.
    In 2005, 40% of US grocery sales were certified kosher, according to the Bureau of Census
    The kosher food market is enjoying an annual growth of approximately 15%. In comparison, non-kosher food sales in American supermarkets are growing at approximately 4 percent a year.
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